Underwater Egypt LLC

Was founded in 2009 and started working as the importer for diving equipment in Egypt, with the HQ in Cairo and a branch/shop in SSH and HRG. From both branches the entire Southern coast in Sinai and on the mainland are served on a regular basis. Because we believe in the following guide line:

The key to a long term success is actually simple, it is:

To bring the right product, at the right price and at the right time to our customers.

As trustworthy and reliable partners we want to build long term relations with our clientel.


The most dynamic training agency

In 2011 the SSI headquarter for Europe signed the contract with UNDERWATER Egypt as the new SSI Area Office for Egypt.

Despite the tough times of the years following January 2011 we managed to increase constantly the key performance indicators for SSI in a very difficult market.


The leader in innovative diving equipment

In January 2014 Mares (belonging tot he HEAD Group) announced to the industry the aquisition of SSI. The goal: Aiming for great synergy effects and bringing the training subject to a new level

Our dynamic approach and ongoing success in UNDERWATER Egypt motivated Mares to offer us the Mares importership for Egypt. ( Later we found out that in most countries the Mares importer was asked to take over SSI.)

The new contract started in November 2014.

We are definitly proud about this fact and take it as a sign of confidence and feel, ,at the same time, the challenge to make Mares reach the position it deserves in the Egyptian market.